i gave up halfway through this so i could be on time o|-< happy umineko weekend everyone!


You can find them here! Sinbad no Bouken is published online here on Tuesdays (although idk at what time in your timezone). Chapters 35 and 34 are available but unfortunately ch33 can’t be viewed anymore so you’ll have to wait for the Sense Scans release!

Also, see this button? You can click on it to vote and support the manga! You can leave a message too if you feel like it but it’s not necessary~

have a terrible redraw of this because i&#8217;m still not over these excited nerds

have a terrible redraw of this because i’m still not over these excited nerds

stress doodle that actually made me feel worse weLP 

this is so rushed and messy but I HAD TO DRAW THESE DARLINGS

Hi! I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I cosplayed your design of Fem!Sinbad?

Of course! The design’s not mine though, but I’m flattered you think so! I draw her based on the lovely canon sketches by Ohtaka herself! So go ahead and cosplay fem!Sinbad by all means, there needs to be more of this gorgeous lady ^q^ also fem!Ja’far. and fem!SinJa. *coughs*

Magi Week Day 5: Smile

I couldn’t make it yesterday but I really wanted to draw this prompt ;; (okay, young!sinja too) I need these children to be happy goddamn. Same goes for them as adults >_>

If you use a stylus... then what device are you using SAI on?

A drawing tablet! Mine is Bamboo Manga Pen & Touch . I don’t know much about tablets but I got this one a year and a half ago and I’m very happy with it!! :)

Hi ehm... I just wanted to say that your art is amazing! (/º^º)/ <3 I love you magi art so much (*^*) especially you SinJa art ♡.♡ hehe (~♡~) How long do you draw already? :3

Thank you!! I’m very happy you like them!! <3

As for how long I’ve been drawing, uh… For as long as I can remember tbh, but discovering InuYasha when I was liiike 11 was a major turning point haha. So I’d say I’ve been at it for 8-9 years now!

Magi Week Day 2: Bonds

I was planning on sitting this one out but then the newest SnB came out and ruined my afternoon. I hate knowing what will happen because that makes it all the more heart-breaking ;-;