Hi! I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I cosplayed your design of Fem!Sinbad?

Of course! The design’s not mine though, but I’m flattered you think so! I draw her based on the lovely canon sketches by Ohtaka herself! So go ahead and cosplay fem!Sinbad by all means, there needs to be more of this gorgeous lady ^q^ also fem!Ja’far. and fem!SinJa. *coughs*

Magi Week Day 5: Smile

I couldn’t make it yesterday but I really wanted to draw this prompt ;; (okay, young!sinja too) I need these children to be happy goddamn. Same goes for them as adults >_>

If you use a stylus... then what device are you using SAI on?

A drawing tablet! Mine is Bamboo Manga Pen & Touch . I don’t know much about tablets but I got this one a year and a half ago and I’m very happy with it!! :)

Hi ehm... I just wanted to say that your art is amazing! (/º^º)/ <3 I love you magi art so much (*^*) especially you SinJa art ♡.♡ hehe (~♡~) How long do you draw already? :3

Thank you!! I’m very happy you like them!! <3

As for how long I’ve been drawing, uh… For as long as I can remember tbh, but discovering InuYasha when I was liiike 11 was a major turning point haha. So I’d say I’ve been at it for 8-9 years now!

Magi Week Day 2: Bonds

I was planning on sitting this one out but then the newest SnB came out and ruined my afternoon. I hate knowing what will happen because that makes it all the more heart-breaking ;-; 

Magi Week Day 1: Tears

I wanted to do an angst drawing, I really did, but Gyokuen is just so much fun to draw. Hooray for my favourite tears in the manga! :’D Rukh brush from here

Hi!! So I heard you use SAI! I do to! But a few weeks ago it said that the trial was up and now I have to buy it in order to save my drawings? Did this happen to you? Thank you!
When you draw, do use a pencil/stylus or do you just use a mouse??
I use a stylus! 
Sorry! Whats SAI?? The thing is I want to start drawing using technology instead of pencil, so I want to use you as one of my awesomely beautiful inspirations! Honestly that Sheba hugging Solomon pic is amazing its my new wallpaper lol keep it up!!!

No problem! Paint Tool SAI is a drawing program much like Photoshop but easier to use. I don’t know where I donwloaded it from exactly but you should be able to find some links easily on Google :) After that you can either find some tutorials to get started or just experiment on your own until you get used to it!

And thank you again! I’m happy you liked my drawing~ <3

Hey I love you and your art! Could you please tell me, what you used to make the masterpiece where Sheba is hugging Solomon?

Thank you!! 

I’m not quite sure what you mean, though! If you’re talking about the program, I used SAI to sketch, lineart and colour, then PS to add some overlays. 

I can’t stop drawing Alma Torran stuuuuuff